Serving Your Country? You Qualify for Loans For Active Duty Military.
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We Specialize In Giving Loans To Active Duty Military

Did you know that as an enlisted member of the United States Armed Forces you can easily qualify for loans for active duty military?

And when we say “easy” we mean it.

No, it’s not too good to be true.

That’s because Just Military Loans specializes in giving loans to YOU, the active duty military professional proudly serving in our US Armed Forces.

The days of hassling and haggling with your bank, credit union or credit card company for some much needed extra cash are over. In fact over the last several years, getting approved for any type of loan has become increasingly difficult because traditional banks have made the loan qualifying process a nightmarish experience.

The vast majority of traditional banks these days require almost perfect credit and a stable home address. Without these minimum qualifications you could easily spend months chasing down a lender who will easily give you the “run-around” and still not approve your loan.

You see, traditional lending institutions don’t always understand your military lifestyle. That means when it comes to issuing loans for active duty military, they require you to meet their qualification standards.

These standards can include things like:

  • Time on the Job
  • Credit History
  • Reason for the Loan
  • Long and Complicated Loan Application Forms
  • Overextended Credit Limits

These requirements aren’t always compatible with your military lifestyle and can easily get you turned down for a cash loan. That’s not good, especially when you need the cash yesterday.

Just recently, Sergeant Thomas (not his real name) told us he needed an immediate loan in the amount of $2,600. Sergeant Thomas was deployed overseas and received a frantic call from his wife back home in the States to let him know the roof in their living room had leaked during a huge thunderstorm. The resulting storm had left over two inches of water on their carpeting. To make matters worse, a few days after the storm, she could smell a faint aroma of mold settling into the carpeting.

This really worried Sergeant Thomas and Sheila (not her real name) because they have a one year old  living in their home and were obviously very worried about the baby’s health. Sergeant Thomas knew he could not afford the inconvenience of a long loan and insurance claim nightmare.  Sergeant Thomas immediately applied for an active duty military loan with us and was quickly approved within less than 24 hours.

Sergeant Thomas and Sheila’s story are only one of hundreds we receive monthly.  So how can we come to your active military loan rescue?

Welcome to Just Military Loans.

We are one of the internet’s premier service providers because all we do is help people obtain loans for active military quickly and securely.

Loans for Active Duty Military - Soldiers in formation

Our online application process is designed to do only one thing— Get you approved fast!

Take a moment right now to check out just how incredibly easy it is for you to get approved. If you have your most current  LES (Leave & Earnings Statement) you’re almost there!

In fact, we’ve made it so easy to get your active duty military loan approved , it only takes 90 seconds to apply and find out how much you qualify for.

After you fill out our secure 90 second military loan application, you will usually know your approval status the same day if we receive your information no later than 4:30pm EST.

It’s also important to know that you are never obligated to accept your active duty military loan, should you change your mind or decide you would like to apply at a later time.

There are some other fantastic benefits we think you might want to know about when you choose Just Military Loans as your financial military loan partner.

We don’t waste your time with long user unfriendly loan application forms, we don’t ask why you need the money and we don’t make our decision to approve you simply based on your past credit history. Our military lending process is constantly being optimized to help us help you more efficiently and expeditiously.

We understand your military commitments and financial obligations. We understand you might need some cash for an unexpected family emergency, deployment expense or car repair.

Maybe you’re getting engaged and need the cash to purchase an engagement ring for your sweetheart. We  understand  because several of us working at Just Military Loans have been in your exact situation.

The bottom line is this…We understand you and your immediate cash needs. We have served thousands of proud military enlisted personnel just like you over many years.

Our clients have come to us for dozens of reasons, but they’ve all had one thing in common: They’ve needed to be approved for a quick, no-hassle military loan. We’ve served hundreds of very satisfied military professionals just like you and would like to add you to our growing list!

Let Just Military Loans become your trusted partner for financial support in the form of active duty military loans.  You have nothing to lose because applying is so simple and qualifying is even easier.

Come on what are you waiting for? Apply today. Your active military loan is only a few clicks away!

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