Adjusting to Life After Deployment: Stories & Support for Soldiers
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Adjusting to Life After Deployment

Welcome Home - The Transition Project

The Transition Project is stories and support for families, friends, and service members coming home after deployment.  Here’s more about how the projecte started.

The fear is hard to shake. Tension from months on high-alert doesn’t simply melt away when you return home. It haunts you in the oddest places – waiting in line at the store, driving to pick up your kids. You know there’s no danger of an IED exploding here, but tell your mind that.

Photo by: Ingrid Barrentine

Then there’s the family. Life is different since you returned. Your spouse handled everything from raising the kids to managing finances and maintaining the home. You wonder where you fit in now – why the kids seem hesitant to spend time with you. The honeymoon period of reintegration is definitely wearing off.

What now?

Life after deployment – while full of relief and celebration – is no simple thing.

Just Military Loans, a trusted military lender, is excited to honor the sacrifice of returning soldiers and their family members by introducing The Transition Project – a series of articles written from the hearts of those who have been deployed, who stayed behind, and who dearly love a soldier.

The series showcases heart-felt stories from top military bloggers, highlights 8 Key Challenges deployed personnel and their families face, and Tips to Ease the Transition.

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