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Transition Interviews

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Here are some of the personal transition home stories from real men and women who have seen or experienced the aftermath of deployment.  In the following pages you can read these deployment transition interviews from the point of view of a mother, a wife, a Guardsman, or someone who has experienced three deployments.  Each story is unique, but you’re never alone in your experiences.  Sometimes storytelling can be a great outlet for both support and therapy.

A Mother’s Perspective – A blogger discusses her son’s struggles during reintegration
When All Goes Awry – Marcia J Sargent shares her experiences as a Marine’s wife
When Home is a Strange Place – Lt.Col. Mitch “Taco” Bell writes about coming home on-edge
Great Support Helps the Transition – LTC John Tammes shares how he received help
The Surprise Attack After Deployment – SFC Robert White shares what to do when the stress creeps up on you
Learning to Be Flexible – MAJ RET Montgomery Granger discusses rolling with the changes, both before and after deployment

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