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How you manage your finances affects your credit.

3 simple ways to boost your credit score

In the military, and life in general, your word is your bond. And in the financial world, this is sort of how credit works - it serves as your reputation, where companies determine how trustworthy you are so that you can buy something before making a formal payment. Read More
Identity theft

Identity theft: A pervasive threat

The steady advancement of technology has led to great conveniences in life. Virtually wherever you are, at the click of a button, reams of information can be accessed. But this ease of access hasn't been without its downsides, because a faceless crime is on the rise in concert with technology's development: Identity theft. Read More
Save money

Three Bright Ideas to Save Money when You Go on Leave

We all need a break from time to time, and even the military knows it. That’s why you accrue leave days every year — but if you’re like many service members, you don’t take leave until you hit use-or-lose time. Taking leave is expensive, unless you’re heading to Fort Couch or Joint Base Living Room, so it makes sense to hold on to your accrued leave until you ETS and dip out early. Giving yourself a much-needed (and much-deserved) break... Read More
United States Capitol Building east facade, Washington DC, USA

BAH Cuts: Are they Coming?

According to the Pentagon, BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) cuts are on the way. If Congress gets its way, the Department of Defense will continue to shortchange service members when it comes to raises, as well. For the past two years, troops have gotten raises that amount to about 1.3 percent less than their civilian counterparts. That’s scheduled to stay on the same track this year, which means there will be a 5 percent income gap between military service and... Read More
Military golf courses

Military Golf Courses

Spring is the beginning of golf season for good reason. There’s nothing like swinging the sticks in sunshine with weather in the mid 70s. Most people get the itch to play around the same time the pros face off for golf season’s biggest tournament, the Masters. Held in August, Ga, the Masters is the world’s most recognized golf tournament. It’s first major of the year and it officially opens the golf season. The 2015 Masters will be held August 9th –... Read More
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