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photo provided by Be The Change

Veterans Day is the perfect time to show military members and vets that we appreciate all the sacrifices that they and their families have made for us over the years. Even if you haven’t had the time to plan out anything special, it’s not too late to make a soldier feel appreciated.

That’s why we gathered seven easy ways for you to honor our military this Veterans Day. Some are real simple, and some take a bit of work. But either way, they all make quite an impact!

1. Offer to buy a soldier lunch or a cup of coffee.

If you live near a military base and you see soldiers on leave, offer to buy them lunch or a cup of coffee. This is a very small, simple way to show your gratitude. And don’t forget to verbally tell them “thank you for your service!” – words of affirmation go a long way!

2. Send out a care package.

Everyone loves getting care packages, especially our troops on leave! Whether they’re stationed away from home or on deployment, receiving any bit of home in a package can make anyone feel special. You can even try implementing some of our Autumn Care Package tips or support an organization that specializes in such care packages (like the one we mentioned in our Military Care Package Resource Guide).

3. Volunteer your professional services.

Sometimes the best gift you can offer is your own expertise. Whether that’s baking a ton of cookies to pass out at church or a local community event. Or maybe it’s cutting hair for military members or offering financial advice about armed forces loans, sometimes it’s nice to just share what you know!

4. Let the world of social media know.

Communication is instantaneous these days and it can help you reach out to those who are far away. You can say “thank you” to all your military Facebook friends, Tweet a general message to the world about Veterans Day, Instagram a photo of your grandfather who is a veteran, or mention the holiday in a blog.

5. Donate Time or Money to Your Local VA or other Organizations

Another way to show your gratitude is by volunteering at your local Veterans Association or Hospital or donate money to another military nonprofit. This is one of the best ways to put your time and money where your heart is and support our veterans.

6. Help out a local military family.

Our military families sacrifice so much as well, so we should show our support and gratitude to them as well! Take the time to reach out to any local military families to see if they need help buying groceries, babysitting the kids, or mowing the lawn. Doing regular household chores for them for a day makes a world of difference for a military spouse.

7. Put it in writing.

Writing letters to soldiers is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for the job they’re doing. For help getting started, contact “A Million Thanks,” an organization responsible for sending millions of letters to military personnel stationed throughout the world. Try getting your children involved – it’ll boost their spirits just as much as the veterans!

Can you think of other ways to say “thank you” to our servicemen and servicewomen? What is your favorite way to celebrate Veterans Day?