War isn’t a game, but thanks to Tac-Ops Laser Tag in central California, training for it just might feel like one. The revolutionary laser tag course has taken great pains to help military, law enforcement, and even Special Ops personnel keep their skills sharp during their off time. The mission-based approach is a far cry from the usual dark and smoky warehouses popular for tween’s birthday parties.

At Tac-Ops, your goal is not shooting blindly at anything that moves. Players must work together to accomplish a mission. Communication and teamwork are the order of the day;  just like in a real war situation, you won’t succeed without help from your comrades.

[youtube]http://youtu.be/IXMoI9V4EPM[/youtube]Inside Tac-Ops

Unlike typical laser tag arenas with fixed obstacles, everything at Tac-Ops is mobile and can be moved according to the mission. Nothing is ever the same as it was last round; the wall you ducked behind for cover yesterday may not exist today.

The weapons are made to feel like real military equipment. Weight is accurate and military-grade material is used to craft the laser guns. Weapons can be configured to simulate any type of condition. Everything from the amount of rounds in the clip to the harm done by the shot is adjustable for each round of play.

Laser tag is an incredibly safe alternative to other war games. There is no risk of injury to players and no liability to the military. Everything needed to play is supplied by Tac-Ops and at $12 for 30 minutes you can save your military loan for more important expenses.

According to military members who play at the course, the lessons learned at Tac-Ops translate well to the battlefield and help prepare them for what they’ll find there. There is no limit to the information, confidence, and experience gained from this type of military training. It is a wonderful team-building exercise, and it can help build trust and camaraderie among the men and women who may eventually put their lives in each other’s hands.

Do you know or participate in another type of unconventional military training? How have these exercises helped prepare you for real military situations? Please share your thoughts and stories with us.