Nothing makes us happier than seeing our valiant soldiers reunited with their loving families. Deployment is hard, on both the soldier and their loved ones, and sharing in the joy of a homecoming is a special treat we always cherish. To warm your hearts and to help you look forward to military reunions of your own, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite welcome home videos. So grab someone you love and enjoy these touching clips.

#1: Daddy Meets Baby for the First Time

Giving birth to a new baby is tough when the soldier father is serving far away, but the separation makes for a special reunion when soldier and baby meet for the very first time. In this sweet video from WGN you can watch as a proud daddy meets his little man in person after months away. This video is especially touching since it also highlights the c-section birth that this brave soldier was able to witness via Skype. Even though Daddy was far away, his family remained close to his heart during the birth of his new child.

#2: A Beauty Pageant Proposal

Soldiers miss many special events while they are away, everything from graduations to piano recitals and even beauty pageants. Imagine the surprise this beautiful contestant experienced when her soldier boyfriend surprised her during the awards portion of her pageant. She was told her award was heavy, but she had no idea. Even more surprising was the proposal and ring that she then received. Love can certainly withstand great distances and our military men and women prove this every day.

#3: A Little Boy’s Birthday Surprise

This little boy loves Captain America and gets quite the birthday surprise when his favorite super hero comes to the party. Even more surprising however is the moment when his hero takes off his mask and becomes the best hero of all: Daddy.

#4: A Soldier and His Dog

Deployments aren’t just hard on soldiers and their families; they can also be rather difficult for man’s best friend. In this moving video a dog literally jumps for joy when his soldier comes home. This video will warm the heart of any dog lover out there.

#5: A Whole Lot of Homecomings

If you haven’t already had your homecoming video fill, this compilation will do the trick. It is packed with touching reunions, huge surprises and happy faces. Watching these joyful reunions reminds us of the huge sacrifices that our military men, women and their families make every day for our freedom. As a top provider of loans for military, we help families to have the material possessions they need while their soldiers are away, but as you can see, nothing is better than having a loved one come home.

Happy reunions are certainly worth celebrating and we hope you’ve enjoyed some of our favorite homecoming videos. The next time you need a pick-me-up or want to look forward to when your soldier comes home, check out the Welcome Home Blog. You’ll love the touching stories, welcome home surprises, and heartfelt videos. If you have a video of your own you’d like to share, simply fill out a short form and submit it. Deployments are hard, but knowing that our loved ones will soon be in our arms can make the distance and time apart seem that much more bearable.

Are you waiting for a soldier to come home? Which homecoming video is your favorite?