Mary Davis, Biography of Just Military Loans Writer
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Mary Davis Biography

I have been writing for Just Military Loans since 2007.  While I don’t have any immediate family members in the military, 4 of my cousins are on active duty, and I have a few friends whose sons are mary davisretired military members. So, I understand the military life; and the military is an important part of my life.  Writing for Just Military Loans has been a great experience for me, because I get to combine my work life with something personally important to me.

I’m from Georgia, so I’m a southern girl at heart. Except for 4 years in college, I have lived in the south my whole life.  When I’m not writing for JML, my husband Jeff and our daughters Lily and Julia keep me busy.  I am also an avid jogger, especially when my dog Stella comes along to pull me.

I’m excited about some of the ideas for articles I have coming up in the next few months!

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