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Military Loans Are Available To You Even If You Have Bad Credit

If you need money quickly and you have poor credit, there is a very good chance you will still qualify for a military loan from Just Military Loans. If you have 18 months or more of active duty remaining, you can apply.

Our Easy 3-Step Process

Step 1. Get Qualified. If you are serving on active duty in any branch of the US Armed Forces and have 18 months remaining in the military —You are qualified!

Step 2. Take a few minutes to fill out our EZ online application. You’ll need to provide us with your most current LES (Leave and Earnings Statement)

Step 3. After approval and verification of your application tell us which personal account you’d like your money directly deposited into.

That’s it! When we say “easy” we mean it. At Just Military Loans we want to give you the piece of mind you deserve. We realize you’ve probably got a very busy schedule filled with your daily military responsibilities. The last thing you need is to worry about not getting the fast cash you badly need due to credit issues. We service hundreds of proud military personnel every month who need a military loan but simply don’t have perfect credit. At Just Military Loans, we get it!

Bad Credit? No Problem!

Still worried your military loan won’t be approved due to bad credit or no credit? Well it’s time to cross that worry off your list for good. We’d like to share a little story with you we think you’ll enjoy. It has a wonderful ending and we were delighted to help our customer qualify for and receive his military loan, although he had less than perfect credit.

Last week we had a military customer apply for a loan with us. He had been turned down by several banks and did not qualify for a cash advance on his credit card. His long-term girlfriend was coming into town to visit him and he desperately wanted to “pop the question” and present her with a beautiful engagement ring he had already picked out for her at a local jeweler.

Unfortunately, the jeweler was unable to pre-approve him for credit in order to purchase his girlfriend’s engagement ring. But our customer didn’t give up. He got online and after doing a little research came across Just Military Loans. He answered a few short questions in about two minutes and was approved within one day. And we are pretty sure you can already guess what he did with the cash he received. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention, his girlfriend said, “yes” to his marriage proposal. We love happy endings.

Since we specialize in servicing hundreds of people every month who need our military loans, bad credit issues will not keep you from getting approved. We are used to giving military loans with bad credit.

We understand you’ve got some tough demands placed on you by the military. And maybe you haven’t had the time to take care of repairing your bad credit but still need a military loan for a very important or unexpected reason. Why shouldn’t you get our military loans? Bad credit is not the only factor we look at when you submit your loan application. We care about making sure you understand the importance of having good credit, so we’ve written some handy tips in our financial tips section to assist you. These tips, if followed, can pack a powerful punch as you repair your bad credit in the future.

Our company is proud to serve the courageous men and women who made a valiant choice by joining the United States Armed Forces. We’re one of the internet’s leading authorities when it comes to helping you get the military loans you need, regardless of your bad credit. You’re there for your country so let Just Military Loans be there for you. Remember with our military loans, bad credit is no problem! How can we help you today?