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Military Miniatures: Guide to Military Scale Modeling

Do you remember the time when you put the finishing touches to your very first military scale model fighter jet or World War II tank? Was it an F-86F-30 Sabre or a WWII German King Tiger Tank or a Mirage IIIr Fighter? Most likely, you will still remember the exact model, and it’s not surprising that you still have it, somewhere around the house, after all these years. The world of military miniatures is truly captivating and there are so many different models. This is why many military scale modeling enthusiasts specialize in a particular subfield like country, time period, war or type of model. In terms of wars, there are many models of battleships, aircrafts, armor, and other military units from World War II but some people may prefer models from World War I, Vietnam War, Iraq War, and so on. Some enthusiasts may be more intrigued by types of models so they will specialize in military aircrafts, ships, tanks or artillery. Yet, there are also people who are more interested in the military scale modeling of a specific country or countries so they will only look for military miniatures from Great Britain, the United States, Germany, Japanese, USSR, and so on. To assist you in your craft, here is a comprehensive military miniatures guide to military scale modeling.


One of the largest sites for military miniatures fans; it provides forums, photos, news, reviews, and other information.

Scale Hobbyist

Here is a place where you can find military miniatures according to the types of models.Military miniatures

Accurate Armour

This is one of only three companies in the world to produce resin model kits at 1/35th scale.

Model Hobbies

The store provides a good range of military miniatures such as 60 mm M2 Mortar, French Musketeer XVII Century, Flakpanzer Gepard, and more.

Tamiya Military Miniature Series

This is the online catalog of the company’s 1/35 series of WWII vehicles as well as post war armor from all over the world.

Miniature Figure Collectors of America

For people who are looking for a place to showcase their wonderful creations, here’s a good avenue.


One of the earliest manufacturers of military miniatures, they have all types of military vehicles, ships, aircrafts, figures, and the like.

Model Rectifier

This is a great place to find military miniatures by Italeri, Academy, and more.


Here is a long-established producer of military miniatures with all types of military models.

World War I Miniatures

The webpage provides a list of WWI miniatures from various European countries, USA, and more.

World War II Models

A great collection of 1/87 WWII military structures, panzer trains, armor, dioramas, and so on.

World War II Ships

The store offers great beauties like a 1/426 USS Arizona Battleship, 1/350 USS BB-63 Missouri, and more.

Crimean War

Here, you will find a lot of figurines from this war which featured the Russian Empire against an alliance of other empires.

Military Aircrafts

The website offers various types of military aircraft models by various manufacturers.

Naval Miniatures

It covers naval miniatures from galleys up to the modern naval units of present times.

Tank Model

The company specializes in the production of miniature tanks.

Miniature Tanks

Here’s a great collection of miniature tanks such as 1:72 Challenger I, 1:72 US M1A2 Abrams, and more.

Armor Modeling and Preservation Society

Armor modeling enthusiasts will find discussion groups, reviews, information on shows and conventions, and more.

Amour Kits

Here’s a great place to find armor kits like the GAZ-AAA Soviet WWII Truck, Soviet Medium Tank T-34/76 1943, and more.

Fidelis Models

The store offers various military aircraft, soldier figures, tanks, and other items at 1/72 and 1/87 scales.

Military Vehicles

Come here to find information on tank models like the Centurion MK III, Chieftain FV4201, and so on.

Military Modeling

This is the official website of the UK’s top magazine for military scale modeling enthusiasts.

British Model Soldier Society

Here is the website of Great Britain’s network for military modelers with information on meetings, shows, events, sales, and more.

Military Miniatures

For people who want to know more about the art of military modeling, here’s a good place to start.

German Miniatures

This is a good collection of German military scale models.

American Civil War

Come here to find miniatures of artillery, cavalry, leaders, and more.

Verlinden Productions

The store offers military miniatures like scale submarines, scale figures, and so on.

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