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Understanding the U.S. Military Branches

Understanding the U.S. Military Branches

The U.S. Military is an important service that helps to protect our country and keep it safe. Even when we are not at war, there are many functions that the different branches of the military perform. In order to be well-prepared for all possibilities, we have groups that are responsible for our land, water, air and even online. Let’s read on to find out more about each of these branches.

The Air Force, the Air Force Reserve, and the Air National Guard

The main job of the U.S. Air Force is to protect American citizens and territory from attacks in the air, in space and even in cyberspace, or the Internet. The Air Force has many different types of aircraft: some are used for attacking enemies, while others are meant for transporting supplies and troops.


Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard

The Army is the largest part of the U.S. military. They cover security on land. If our country was to be attacked, the Army would fight off invaders on land. When the Army is called into another country, they ensure that peace is made before they leave. Not everyone in the Army is a soldier, however. Some people are doctors or nurses, while others might need to cook for the troops, analyze data and perform other important tasks.

The Navy and the Navy Reserve

The U.S. Navy is responsible for making sure that the waters surrounding our country are safe and secure. When we are not at war, the Navy’s ships patrol the area to check that everything is safe. During war, they find and attack enemy ships. The Navy can also be called on to help with emergencies at sea or to transport large amounts of supplies to U.S. troops who are in other countries.

The Marine Corps, and the Marine Corps Reserve

The Marine Corps are a very special part of the military. When there is a sudden emergency situation, the Marines are trained to react very quickly and very accurately. They can fight off attackers on land and also at sea. The Marines are usually in charge of missions that are top secret or very difficult.

The Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Reserve

The Coast Guard also operates at sea, but they are different from the Navy. The Coast Guard protects closer to home. They watch over our coastlines and ports and can be called on to perform rescues and safety missions in the water. The Coast Guard also helps to enforce laws at sea. In fact, you can kind of think of them as the water police! Apart from that, they have another very special job: they help to safeguard our natural resources.


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