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How to qualify for a military loan

If you need money quickly and have poor credit, there is a good chance you will still qualify for a military loan from Just Military Loans.

If you are currently active duty and are in need of an Army Loan, Navy Loan, Marine Corps Loan, Coast Guard Loan, or Air Force Loan, you have come to the right place! Do you have at least 9 months of service remaining in your tour of duty? Are you able to make fixed monthly payments? Would you like to borrow between $1,000- $10,000? Just Military Loans has the perfect short-term military loan for you!

Do you need to make repairs to your home?  Or want to take a vacation? Whatever your reason, we are here to help. Find out more about our easy loan process, and get started now!

Why JML is a great choice for your military loan

We have perfected our craft. Nobody knows members of the military better than us! We specialize in military loans. It’s all we do and we are experts. We have been trusted by over 20,000 of your fellow service personnel. All applications received before 4:30pm EST will receive same day approval. There are no restrictions on what you can use your loan for: use the cash to fix your car, an unexpected medical bill, or travel. Our site is secure and 100% confidential. We offer responsive customer service. Call now and see for yourself. Get started today by submitting our simple application with Same Day Approval. Low Credit? No Problem. We provide loans to military members of all credit levels.